Round Ink Pads Professional

Round Ink Pads Professional

In this category, you find suitable replacement ink cartridges for Trodat Professional stamps with round impressions.The ink in the round ink pads Professional is manufactured with a water base, and does not contain any toxic substances, acid, formaldehyde, or heavy metals. If you are unsure of what cartridge is needed for your stamp, check the model printed on the stamp or remove the ink cartridge and check the model reference number embossed onto the ink cartridge.

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Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/15 - pack of 3
Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/15 - pack of 3
30 Piece(s) round stock stamps
$26.40 $0.88 1 Piece(s)
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So Easy

Trodat Ink Cartridges are designed to be replaced cleanly, quickly and easily.  Some units feature grips on the sides to allow for easily handling, while some Trodat stamps feature the click-out button alowing the cartridge to be easily ejected and replaced.  Whichever Trodat cartridge is used in your stamp, you will keep your hands and work space free from ink!

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