Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/56 - pack of 3


Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/56 - pack of 3
3 Piece(s) rectangular stock stamps

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Content: 3 Piece(s) ($8.80 * / 1 Piece(s))

Ink color:


Trodat Replacement Ink Cartridge 6/56 - pack of 3

Fits Trodat Professional stamps: 5117, 5204, 5206, 5460, 5460/L, 5465, 5558, 5558PL, 55510, 55510PL, 5466PL and former models 4206, 4206, 4265, 4420, 4460 and 4465.

Comes as a multi pack of three.

The ink is water based and contains no toxic substances, no acid, no formaldehyde and no heavy metals. The ink is hygroscopic, meaning that it self regulates by absorbing the humidity of the surrounding air so that it does not dry out, allowing prolonged usage.

The replacement ink cartridges are available in 5 standard colors - black, blue, red, green and violet. Cartridges are also available as dual color red and blue, which are suitable for the daters only.

Shape: rectangular
Stock / customized: stock stamps

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