Happy National Pumpkin Day!

Happy National Pumpkin Day! Celebrated annually on October 26th, National Pumpkin Day gives thanks for that big orange squash that is such an important part of American culture. Not only is the pumpkin one of the main icons of Halloween, it is also a primary ingredient in many delicious fall recipes. To celebrate, carve your pumpkin for Halloween, bake a delicious pumpkin pie, or visit GetStamps.com and order your very own self-inking stock stamp with Pumpkin impression! These stamps are perfect for treat bags, party invitations, craft projects and more! A few pumpkin facts for National Pumpkin Day: The largest pumpkin weighed 1,140 pounds! The largest pumpkin pie was 5-feet in diameter, weighed 350 pounds and took 6 hours to bake! Pumpkins contain Vitamin A and potassium! Pumpkins are 90% water!

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